Abstract Submission Guidelines
Deadline for abstract submission: 15th October 2017

Preparation of the abstract

(Please read it carefully before writing your abstract of presentation)
  1. Abstracts should be prepared in Turkish and English on two different pages. (See Example Abstract). If your language is not Turkish, send your abstract only in English. If you can do, Arabic and English would be better.
  2. Abstracts should contain scientific publication sections (objectives, methods, results and conclusions)
  3. The abstract should be (150-250 words, except, title, author names and keywords) prepared with Microsoft Word Program using Times New Roman, single-spaced, 12-point font.
  4. In the first line, title (notification letters), in the second line authors name and surnames (without title) should be written. The name of presenter will notice underlined. Corresponded authors’ e-mail will write under the address.
  5. At the end of abstract, key words should be written in italics up to 5 words.
  6. Abstracts of oral and poster will be recorded on a CD and distributed to attendants. Abstracts will be published in a peer reviewed journal “JOURNAL OF HALAL LIFE STYLE” (can be reached at “halallifestyle.online”). After the congress, abstracts of oral and poster presentations and videos will be uploaded to the platform’s web site and will be freely available.
  7. Abstracts will be evaluated by the congress scientific advisory board and feedback will be given to correspondent author.
  8. Authors are responsible for the content of the summary and language. Scientific Committee will not fix the abstract.
  9. Poster size: 70X100 cm
  10. Even if it takes place in the program, if the presentation have not been sent in time it will not be printed in the congress book.
  11. Authors are responsible for typographical errors. So, typographical errors should be noted. Because, abstracts will be printed using "Just Printing Technique" as submitted by the author and proofreading service not mentioned.
  12. Click here to view an example of the abstract..

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