Our Mission: By focusing on environment and human about halal and healthy food; to generate proper advantage to the purpose of the creation, to offer precautions by determining possible damages, to develop national and global scale processes through alternative and innovative thinking

We, Halal and Healthy Food Platform, are working in accordance with our mission. 4th International Halal and Healthy Food Congress will be held on 03-05 November 2017 in Ankara. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and carries sign of civilizations established in Anatolia. There are museums to see these signs.

Halal and Healthy Food Platform has hold: 3 congress in national and international scale, more than 10 workshops and countless conferences. Main theme of the 4th International Halal and Healthy Food Congress is defined as “HALAL LIFE; Halal Food, Halal Product, and Halal Service”. There will be 6 sessions where presentations will be held in Halal Food and Nutrition, Life Time Health, Halal Governing Trading and Business, Halal Tourism, Halal Concept in Divinity, and Halal Concept in Education sub-themes. Main goal in this approach is to highlight that halal, which is an indispensable concept for this world and hereafter, should take place not only in food but also in all aspects of life. Nowadays halal concept is limited to eating and drinking only. With this view, halal concept will take its place in all aspects of life. New horizons will be open by questioning many non-ethical behaviour which are legal but not halal in conscience.

The 6 sub theme for the congress is based on reality of nowadays life style. It is easily visible that how frequently human being comes across with this topic in the globalizing world. Nowadays, technology offers many services. We can:

  • reach/get a food easily, produced all around world,
  • have health services from anywhere under the health tourism concept,
  • get accommodation,
  • Trading and education.
All these are became a national and very close issues to us. Consequently, people who cares and want to follow a halal life style in their daily life should be alerted and they should know and be aware that with what they can come across. Putting these issues in the centre of our congress, well known scientist/specialist in their area from different countries are invited to share their knowledge. Further, congress is open to anyone and people who wants to contribute via oral or poster presentations are encouraged. We believe, these will enrich the congress. For the national scientist, we note that the congress meet the academic encouragement criteria.

We believe that contents of the congress presentations will give basic messages about halal life style and play an important role to establish a road map for not only people who cares and want to follow a halal life style in their daily life but also all people around the world.